great minds
think alike.

Our Story

Though Zealand Farms is a young enterprise, it comes with a long history. Zealand Farms was created in 2017 as a venture between Eco Eggs and The Big Egg, two long-established Horowhenua egg and poultry businesses. With over 40 years combined experience and a previous long-standing business relationship we discovered a like-mindedness, a passion for the great outdoors and a love of great tasting food.

And so, at Zealand Farms producing great eggs from the great outdoors is all we do. Whether Free Range or Organic all of our girls are free to roam and express all their natural instincts. And this results in great eggs!

We’ve invested a lot of heart and muscle into building an ethical farming operation that we can be proud of. And we could tell you a lot about the ways in which we continue to introduce new and better ideas to keep at the forefront of our industry. But we’re farmers who believe that simple is best.

Our eggs are loved throughout New Zealand. But it’s not just Kiwis who enjoy the taste of freedom – we have also made our way around the world!