Greatness is a lot of small things done well everyday.

it begins on the ground.

At Zealand Farms our hens enjoy the greatest of care from the ground up. Its all the little things that we do everyday on the farm that result in great hens and great eggs.  Everyday, our team is dedicated to ensuring our farm environment is at its best so that our hens can thrive. Working alongside nursery experts we have planted trees that enhance our environment and are beneficial to our hens. As well as shade and protection from our trees our hens all have access to grassy paddocks with room to roam, run and scratch. They enjoy open spaces, plenty of fresh air and opportunities to forage for insects and seeds.

For us it’s simple – greatness starts on the ground.

greatness from day one.

From day one our hens are treated with the upmost of care. Arriving at our farm as day old chicks our girls are raised with love and care in a warm and safe environment where they can enjoy a nutritious diet and develop all their natural instincts and behaviors. At Zealand Farms we are very passionate about rearing nothing but great hens. Our team has many years of experience in this area and this has resulted in our chicks becoming exceptional laying birds.

We are proud of the calibre of hens we produce – and it all begins on day one.

greatness you can trace.

At Zealand Farms we have very high standards for both our hens and our eggs.  As a result we only buy from contract growers who uphold the same standards. Any farm associated with Zealand Farms is inspected regulalry by our own independant auditor in addition to the Ministry of Primary Industries.  Every egg pack we sell has an identification code on it enabling traceability back to the farm.  At Zealand Farms we know how important it is to know where your eggs come from and so we have made all that transparent.
We are a direct-from-source business. In other words, we and our contracted growers are the farm. You can be sure you’re getting great eggs from great farms that are 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

great standards.

We know we produce greatness. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our farming operations are independently audited.

Independent QA Services

an independent auditor who verifies our welfare compliance with the internationally renown;

Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare:

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
  • Freedom from Discomfort
  • Freedom from Pain, Injury and Disease
  • Freedom to express Natural Behaviour
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress

Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)

ensures annually that we’re meeting Risk Management Programme requirements so our products are safe, fit for purpose and truthfully labelled.


another government auditor, not only verifies compliance of our organic eggs but also audits our organisation annually for our free range operation on behalf of Woolworths / Countdown.